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Nostalgia. Found this song after, what? 40 years.

Gaali! Laismagali? Gali... Saddam Gali...

This one was once so popular in the roads and streets in the place where I used to grow up in my primary school age.

غالي - ريسنا غالي - غالي - صدام غالي

Searrched for it a lot in the last few decades, but never actaully found the music.. Until today.

প্রথম খবর : ছিনতাইকারির ছুরিকাঘাতে আঘাতে আহত গার্মেন্টস কর্মি মেয়ে।

পরের দিন খবর : নিজের ঘর থেকে টাকা নিয়ে পালিয়া যাওয়া স্ত্রীকে হত্যা করতে গিয়ে একই রকম বোরকা পড়া আরেক মেয়েকে হত্যা। উপরের ঘটনার ডিটেইলস।

History of Human civilization -- in 7 days.

Where every day is 1000 years.
  • 1st Day
    Adam as.
  • 2nd Day
    Noah as.
  • 3rd Day.
    Flood and after recovery.
  • 4th Day.
    Ibrahim as. At mid day.
  • 5th Day.
    Moses as.
  • 6th Day.
    Esa as. (Jesus). At mid day.
  • 7th Day.
    Muhammed ‌ﷺ
  • 8th Day.
    We now are at its mid. Started around in 1600 century. Newtonian era.

For some reason, Java developers didn’t like writing SQL, so we introduced Hibernate which “does SQL for you”.
Hibernate creates appallingly bad SQL, so “databases are slow”. Particularly when using a getter on a lazy-loaded relationship. A query might end up taking 1ms per record instead of 10ms for 10k records.

You can rewrite all you want in Hibernate and greatly improve performance, but you often need to introduce Projections, lazy/nonlazy flags, in the end you program Hibernate more than you would have written basic SQL. Ah, also you’re writing JQL not SQL, so you need to learn “how it’s written in JQL”. But every Java developer is happy, because it’s Java. Phew, at least you didn’t write SQL!

Any storage, even file or memory storage, can perform better on production than Hibernate.

Devspeed is much faster without Hibernate. Source: I’m a founder, initiated a few apps, one is on prod making money after 2 weeks, the other one is still losing money after 18 months, guess which one uses React-Spring-Hibernate and which one used jQuery-Freemarker-Dropwizard.

But if you want competent developers, React-Spring-Hibernate makes you look young and cool.

It’s sad, because frameworks are as difficult as the maximum difficulty our developers can handle, and if they’re not, they will add a layer. Conclusion: People have no love for databases because they’ve put too many layers before them. But they are not the problem.HN.

My heavy TV watching ran from 1978 to 1988 -- ten years. Recently I was looking back if I can find some of the series that left a mark on my heart. One of those was a film called -- Sherely. Couldn't find the spelling, neither the show for many years. Searched with the story line -- nada, no result.

But today went to wikipedia to search for Australian mini TV series from the 80s. The list. And here it is : Shiralee!

Next need to find some clips on YouTube to remember back the days.

An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity.Terry A. Davis

3 ingredient Nan bread.

You can also reduce it down to two. 2 Wheat + 1 Yoghurt. The minimal.

Of all the parts of your body, be most vigilant over your index finger, for it is blame-thirsty. A pointed finger is a victim’s logo — the opposite of the V-sign and a synonym for surrender. No matter how abominable your condition may be, try not to blame anything or anybody: history, the state, superiors, race, parents, the phase of the moon, childhood, toilet training, etc…

The moment that you place blame somewhere, you undermine your resolve to change anything; it could be argued even that that blame-thirsty finger oscillates as wildly as it does because the resolve was never great enough in the first place.
A Soviet Prisoner

Source :

They will only tell you about the benefits,
and not the costs.PG

অনহোনি কো হোনি কর দে, হোনি কো অনহোনি
এক জগহ জব জমা হো তিনো....

This film was the must see, hit movie when I was 8 yo. Amar Akbar Antoni.


Back when I was a graduate student in the 1980s, I remember coming across an aphorism that there are two schools of thought about the unfolding of history. The first is that it’s one damn thing after another. The second is that it’s the same damn thing over and over.Someone.