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Here's how to identify the hero and the villain in transformer clips.

The robot with blue-red colored body armour is the hero. Named Optimus Prime.
The mostly gray-black colored one is the villain. Named Megatron.

The rest are bang bang fights. Know which side is the good one and cheer for that.

My most important strategy for getting good stock market information is to decide what information I want, to actively seek it, and to minimize my attention to what other people suggest I should pay attention to.Someone

Now I don't do stocks. But this advice holds true in other places too where you need to judge something.

Ask what you really need to know. Find that information. And ignore everything that others tell you.

Others are highlighting the minute things to swing you on their preferred side. Ignore those. And others here also mean mainstream media, the social media, your family members and society as a whole.

The full article is here.

It's standard to not apply hadith isnad styled judgment towards historical narrations. Otherwise there will be no history. And it's well known. And those that apply hadith style rigorous checks to historical narration -- they do it in a choose and pick style, in a self contradictory way.
Yasir Qadhi

Find this part of lecture here.

তুমি হাকিম হইয়া হুকুম করো
পুলিশ হইয়া ধরো
সর্প হইয়া দংশন করো
ওঝা হইয়া ঝাড়ো।।

আজকে এটা মনে হচ্ছে বেশি।
সাইড নিউজ -- আবু তোহা মোহাম্মদ আদনান গ্রেফতার।

জীবনি ‌:

আলোকিত জ্ঞানি থেকে উঠে আসেন। প্রথম হন কোনো এক পর্বে। ফেসবুকে আমার পরিচিত কোনো আইডি ছিলো না। কিন্তু আমি আর কতটুকু জানি? পেছনে উনি প্রচন্ড জনপ্রিয় হয়ে যান।

Q. "হানাফি নাকি সালাফি?"

স্কুল-কলেজে যাত্রা আরম্ভ। এর পর কওমি মাদ্রাসা থেকে ৪-৫ বছরের কোর্স করে আলেম হন।

আকিদার ব্যাপরে ক্লিয়ার না। তাতে বুঝা যায় সালাফি। কিন্তু সালাফি ভাইয়েরা আবার উনার প্রচন্ড বিরোধি। কে জানে কি।

আল্লাহ তায়ালা আমাদের সৎ পথে রাখুন।

I find people, however delightful and kooky they are, quite tiring having got to know 10,000 of them at this point.HN

তুমি শাসন করলে হবো -- আমি অবুঝ।
তুমি অশ্রু হও -- হয়ে যাবো আঁখি।।

Of all the police shooting incidents from the last five years Walter Scott shooting was the worst one that I planned to follow to figure out what happens next.

Here's the video

Apparently the police officer plead guilty. And was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

But who knows what was the back story. The untold things. What lead to it. Pretty sure there were more to it than the shooting.

BD : Officially all offices are closed. Practically all offices are open. Gov and non-gov. The lockdown has lost its flow. It's basically back to where it was 3 months before.

Situation in Dhaka.

So the Queen has meet her 13th US sitting president.

Aka, she saw 12 others come and go. While she still sits on her throne.